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Badlands National Park/ Custer State Park

A vast, endless sky stretches into the distant horizon. The ever-present wind rustles your hair and cools your skin. Pebbles shift beneath your feet as you explore the ancient, rocky wonders of Badlands National Park. The sun has risen above the peaks and outcrops, painting the landscape with a brilliant orange hue. Later in the day you’ll be in the grasslands of Custer State Park, watching as Bison make their way across the land, grunting and snorting and kicking up dust in a display as wonderful as it is ancient. They are the symbol of the Wild West –– the beating heart of the Great Plains. These Parks may not be the most spectacular the North American continent has to offer, but they are special in their own right. You can get away from the crowds of Yellowstone, Zion, or the Grand Canyon and truly enjoy a quiet wilderness that holds many secrets. Countless fossils have been unearthed here, and there are many more yet to be discovered. There’s a whole world waiting for you beneath your feet.

So whether you’re looking for a low-key place to enjoy a unique landscape, revel in the animals of the Wild West, or dig up something extraordinary, there’s something for everyone in Badlands National Park and Custer State Park.
Written by Sabrina Clift


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